BHCP Celebrates its 75th Anniversary, 1939-2014
In 1939, Reverend Bill Basom founded a cooperative preschool at the newly opened Beverley Hills United Methodist Church. For 75 years, Beverley Hills Church Preschool (BHCP) has embodied Reverend Basom’s vision of community, collaboration, and a child-centered educational philosophy. This year, as we commemorate BHCP’s 75th Anniversary, we celebrate the ways in which BHCP has enriched not only the lives of our families, but has been a source of inspiration to our greater community.

To commemorate this milestone, we are establishing a Playground Maintenance Endowment Fund so that we can continue to inspire all who visit our beautiful outdoor space. We are asking our donors to consider giving “75 for 75.”

Opportunities to celebrate with us:

  • 75th Birthday Party on the playground in May (date TBD)
  • 75th Anniversary BHCP T-shirts
  • 75th Anniversary BHCP Facebook Page to share memories and reconnect with old friends

What is the Annual Fund?
The Annual Fund is the most important yearly fundraising effort at BHCP. Because tuition alone does not cover the actual cost of providing a BHCP education, the school relies on Annual Fund contributions to help make up the difference each year. The Annual Fund provides essential, unrestricted, current operating support for the school’s budget.

The values that make BHCP such a vibrant place for children to learn and develop—our shared core beliefs in cherishing each child, respecting children’s perspectives, interests, and abilities, and providing a safe, stimulating, and joyful environment—depend on a thriving Annual Fund. Every single gift makes a difference to our students.

Why not just raise tuition?
The BHCP Board intentionally sets tuition to ensure that we are both accessible to families within our community as well as financially sound. The Annual Fund allows the entire community to contribute to BHCP through tax-deductible donations. This process helps fulfill our financial commitments as well as our mission of engagement and enthusiasm.

Why is Annual Fund participation so important?
High levels of participation in voluntary contributions demonstrate our community’s strength and shared commitment. We are grateful for the generous and enthusiastic support of our entire community and strive for 100% participation from current families each year. Every gift makes a difference to our school—and to our students.

How much should we contribute?
We encourage you to make a meaningful gift, in keeping with personal circumstances and reflective of the value of BHCP to your family. Every gift helps us reach our participation and financial goals.

Thank You.
Your gift to the BHCP Annual Fund supports our mission. We invite your tax-deductible contribution by check or credit card.  You can donate securely online here:

Make a donation to BHCP

(Please click on “Add special instructions” within PayPal and type “Annual Fund” so that we can direct your donation appropriately.)

To find out more about the Annual Fund, contact the Development Chair directly at