Welcome to Beverley Hills Church Preschool!

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coopinginblue2013Founded in 1939, Beverley Hills Church Preschool is the oldest parent cooperative preschool in Virginia. We are a lively community of children, families and teachers with a strong tradition of parent involvement, collaborative effort and child-sensitive frameworks for growth and learning.

The mission of Beverley Hills Church Preschool is to celebrate the wonder and breadth of children — linking them, their families and our educators in a community of mutual learning and care. A ministry of the Beverley Hills Community United Methodist Church, our school deeply honors the potential of children, supports their eagerness and capacities to make sense of and transform the world, and nurtures their individual and collective contributions to the learning and well-being of others.

Our school has its roots in progressive educational philosophy and practices. The early childhood educational approach of the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy inspires our curriculum, as we share similar core values about the innate capability of the child, the role of the teacher as a facilitator and researcher, the environment as the third teacher, the 100 languages of materials and a strong partnership with parents