Collaboration: A Reflection Dedicated to Our Community

“I believe that education, therefore,
is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.”

John Dewey, American progressive educator, My Pedagogic Creed


Our Studio teacher introduces the “Beautiful Stuff” project, a starting point for conversations inside and outside the classroom, involving children’s various environments, interests, and observations.



Yellow Class students, a parent, and teacher discuss Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, and their plans to paint terracotta diyas as part of the celebration.



From our Core Beliefs:
Teachers are guides and facilitators of children’s learning, who are themselves learning from the children, parents, and each other to build their teaching practice.”

This year’s BHCP staff participated in an extensive week of training and preparation prior to the start of school and continue to further their work not only as teaching partners in the classroom but also as a cohesive group, working to create joyful and stimulating learning environments that invite exploration, creativity, and wonder.

Red Class friends seek out help to fulfill and enlarge ideas across their environment.
“Yeah, it’s really cozy under here!”
How about that net?
It’s going like that.  Reach, reach, reach.
It’s getting more dark.
You want to come in here?


“Our tree broke.  We’re trying to fix it.”
We can try to fix it the best we can.
We can wrap string around.
Let’s put tape.  Or tie it on.
Teamwork saved the day!




watercolor by Annemarie Schoen, BHCP alumni and parent

In October, BHCP staff and several parents gathered for a day of learning at St. John’s preschool in Georgetown, including presentations by Amelia Gambetti and Lella Gandini, two teachers from the Reggio Schools in Italy.  We were delighted by the many visual inspirations in the classrooms and the encouragements to further collaborative learning.




Also in October, the BHCP Board gathered for a retreat to identify best practices, further their knowledge, set priorities to strengthen governance, and ensure these discussions and habits continue.

“In the Reggio Emilia preschools…each child is viewed as infinitely capable, creative, and intelligent. The job of the teacher is to support these qualities and to challenge children in appropriate ways so that they develop fully.” ― Louise Boyd CadwellBringing Reggio Emilia Home: An Innovative Approach to Early Childhood Education


“Thank you, Reverend Sara”
After our first chapel gathering of the year, some Blue Class friends made cards thanking Reverend Sara for the songs she sang and the story she told.



At Back to School Night, Green Class parents were invited to join in a story project, written and illustrated by the Green Class. Parents worked together to write
out their children’s words, and added beads, embroidery, and more drawings to their story. The sense of community, good humor and friendly conversations
was inspiring to watch as Green Class families came together.

Our class pictures this year incorporated the beloved playground castle as a special commemoration before we begin our journey in the creation of our natural playground.